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The upcoming Solutions Summit is a little different than User Conferences of years past. With the name change comes a new format that will be packed with value and unique opportunities that you will not want to miss. If you’re on the fence about going the summit, here are a few reasons why we think you should attend:

Directly influence the future of Wynne System’s software

Wynne Systems is constantly developing exciting new solutions, features, integrations, and more to ensure you have everything you need to grow and succeed as a business. This summit is a perfect opportunity to be face to face with the people who are influencing and writing the code for the solutions that you are using in your daily operations.

Gain and share knowledge with your industry peers

While some of the session schedule will be catered toward sharing developments, we are also providing an opportunity for attendees to share and learn about industry best practices, processes, and procedures. During the summit there will be plenty of opportunity to transfer knowledge and come out with potential action points that could propel your business forward.

Learn about current development priorities, active projects, and solution roadmaps

The team here at Wynne is constantly working to improve the systems your business uses on a
daily basis. The summit will have plenty of sessions where you can learn about and discuss some of the latest development and future roadmap plans. This is a unique opportunity to discuss these topics directly with the people who are building the solutions you use.

Connect with future customers, partners, and vendors in your industry

People from many different industry verticals will be attending the summit. This is great opportunity to meet others and find new ways to collaborate with each other in the future. It also provides a unique opportunity to learn how others are using Wynne System’s software in their specific instance.

Explore and validate forward-thinking ideas that will change your business

Staying competitive requires the successful implementation of forward-thinking ideas. The
Solutions Summit will be packed with sessions where new ideas can be explored and validated. If you’ve been thinking about some new ways to drive your business forward, this is a great time to see if someone else in the industry has had success with them already.

Enjoy the amenities of a great resort while discovering new ways to change your business

While the conference is going to be packed with loads of value for your business, you’ll be able
to enjoy the awesome amenities that the location has to offer. We especially picked the resort location in San Antonio, TX to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay while you work with us to build the future. Golf, signature dining, and many other amenities will make this a trip you don’t want to miss.