If you’re looking to attend the 2023 Wynne Solutions Summit but need a little help convincing your boss, we’ve got your back. Below, you’ll find a template that you can paste into an email and make your changes before sending.

1. Copy and paste the text below into your email client.

2. Fill in the red text with the text you’d like to include.

3. Change the text color to match the rest of the email.

4. Cut or add anything else you’d like and hit SEND!


Hi [Boss],
I’d like to attend the 2023 Wynne Solutions Summit,  happening on May 9-12, 2023 in San Antonio, TX. This summit presents some great opportunities that will benefit our company in the future.

Over 100 attendees from the Wynne community will be there. It will be one of the best opportunities for our company to connect with other Wynne users, understand how we can better utilize our existing software, and discuss what we need from Wynne in the future.

While I’m at the summit, I’m planning to find key takeaways from every session that will help me with [project, goal, objective]. When I return, I will be sure to develop these insights into strategies that can be used for the future success of the business.

Here are some of the sessions I plan on attending:
[Session 1]
[Session 2]
[Session 3]
[Session 4]
[Session 5]

Here is a breakdown of the costs:
– Event registration: $875
– Airfare/travel: [Estimate with Google flights or preferred airline]
– Hotel: [Estimate with resort reservation page]
– Meal expenses: Included
– Event expenses: Included
– Total: [Enter total]

Thank you for considering this request. This summit will be a great investment for the business and my
personal development. I’m happy to discuss further if needed.

[Insert Signature]